Going To The Beach With Braces By Wheaton Orthodontics In Illinois

With typical braces or orthodontic treatment plans spanning at least a year or two, most people with braces will head to the beach at least once while their teeth are being straightened. Before you head out for tons of fun in the sun, check out these beach-ready recommendations from our top-rated orthodontist in Wheaton, IL. […]

What Are The Benefits Of Braces? From Wheaton, IL’s Top Rated Orthodontist

Most people head to their favorite orthodontic office in Wheaton, IL, in pursuit of the beautifully aligned smile of their dreams, but did you know that there are more benefits to braces than just having straight teeth? From upgrading your dental health to improving your digestion, here are a few ways braces can help you […]

Wheaton, Illinois Orthodontist Shares What You Should Do Before Getting Braces

So, you’re about to get braces. To someone who has been waiting for this momentous day, knowing that you’ll soon be able to stop hiding your imperfect smile and embrace your biggest, brightest self can be both liberating and daunting. You can’t wait to get started, but are you truly ready? A lot of the […]

At What Age Should My Child Have An Orthodontic Evaluation? By Wheaton, IL’s Favorite Orthodontist

If you’re a parent, chances are the people in your generation didn’t even consider braces until they were already into their teenage years, but times are changing, and so are braces and orthodontic treatment. So when exactly should your child come into our Wheaton orthodontic office for his or her first evaluation? That’s an excellent […]

Top Rated Orthodontist In Wheaton, Illinois Explains How Can A Gorgeous Smile Improve Your Confidence?

If first impressions are really as important as people say, then just imagine what kind of impact a big, bright smile could have. Having your teeth whitened or your bite realigned might not seem like a monumental change, but visiting a Wheaton, IL orthodontist to find a way to match your physical self to the […]

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