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Children with Smiles Change Lives Partner - Wheaton Orthodonticsless-than-perfect teeth often worry about getting teased when they smile or raise their hand in class. Just the thought of smiling holds them back from participating in team sports or theater and music, having their picture taken, going on a first date, or even laughing when they really want to. Everyone deserves to feel confident, but parents hurt the most when they worry that orthodontic treatment is financially out of reach. That’s why we urge you to help make their children’s lives feel a little better.

Smiles Change Lives is an international nonprofit organization which promotes increased self-esteem and improved oral health for children in need of orthodontic treatment whose families cannot afford the full cost of braces. Their goal is to help these families secure treatment for their children by connecting them with orthodontic providers willing to donate their services to deserving patients. Wheaton Orthodontics Center is proud to say we are an active partner with Smiles Change Lives.

Click here to visit the Smile Change Lives home page.

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